This modular keyboard includes a dial and trackpad for peak productivity

You can customize the Naya Create into the most productive keyboard for you.

Take back all those seconds wasted going back and forth from your keyboard to your mouse. Naya announced its modular split Create keyboard that lets you do everything from your fingertips. Floor Socket

This modular keyboard includes a dial and trackpad for peak productivity

Split keyboards are much kinder on the wrists, but Naya Create’s many modules add a layer of customization to that ergonomic design. If you’re a content creator that’s constantly editing photos and videos, there’s a dial to make smooth adjustments. If you’re a designer making 3D models, there’s a joystick-esque module with nine degrees of freedom. If you’re just looking for a more classic design, there are also the mousepad and trackball modules.

Hot-swappable modules — These four modules cover most needs, but Naya upped the flexibility by making them hot-swappable. That way, you can easily switch up the keyboard’s design to quickly match the next task. Naya also made its Create keyboard fully programmable so you can remap each key, make your own keyboard shortcuts, and create custom key clusters.

If you want a more natural wrist position while you’re typing away, the Naya Create can be tilted to either 0, 30, or 60 degrees. On top of that, you can go for sculpted keycaps that are curved to make it even easier to type. You can instead opt for the flat keycaps, which gives the Naya Create a slimmer profile.

With the slim design, Naya kept its Create keyboard lightweight and portable. You can stack the two sides of the modular keyboard together with its magnetic points, where it will still measure less than an inch tall. The Naya Create works with either Mac or Windows and is compatible with RF, Bluetooth, and Qi wireless charging.

Prototype preview — Naya didn’t reveal any release dates or pricing details about its Create keyboard yet, but will be showing off a prototype at CES 2023. So far, the company is planning to drop the keyboard in the U.S., Europe, and Southeast Asia.

This modular keyboard includes a dial and trackpad for peak productivity

Pop Socket Case For the moment, you can reserve a spot for the Naya Create, which will set you up for the lowest price tier when the company starts its crowdfunding campaign for the keyboard in April.