Experts share tips for driving in the snow

INDIANAPOLIS -- The time of Wednesday’s winter storm could have an impact on your morning commute.

Bill Amonett the owner of Beck Service Center recommends checking your car’s tire pressure before you head out the door. Tractor

Experts share tips for driving in the snow

“If you have low tire pressure you get in a slide you hit a ditch, you’re going to blow a tire out then you’re going to be stranded on the side of the road,” Amonett said.

Experts say not enough tire pressure can affect the steering and the handling of your car. Experts also recommend checking the tread on your car’s tires.

Now when it comes to driving in the snow, if you must, experts suggest keeping a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. Amonett recommends filing up your gas tank tonight, just in case you and your car have a long distance too travel.

“You want to turn the steering wheel the opposite way and let that thing get off the gas and let it neutralize before you go on,” Amonett said.

Amonette says you can turn your front wheels in the same direction that the rear of the vehicle is sliding.

For example, if the back of your car slides to the right, turn the wheel to the right. Now if you and your car slides into a ditch and gets stuck, experts have this advice,

“You have to be very careful when you are getting out of that bank because if you are sitting there revving it up and trying to get in and out the next thing you know is you’re going to burn up a transmission,” Amonett concluded.

At the end of the day, your safety is the number one priority.

INDOT has these tips for driving in the snow.

Experts share tips for driving in the snow

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