MTM Case Gard is introducing its new RC51D double scoped rifle case, a hard case that can hold two scoped long guns or any combination of firearms which measure up to 50.5 inches long. Though the RC51D has plenty of interior storage space, the outer shell of this case was designed to be as compact as possible in order to take up less space when stowed in vehicles and making it less cumbersome to use. Additionally, the high impact molded plastic exterior clamshell of the RC51D case has tie down grooves to make it easier to strap onto the luggage rack of any ATV or similar outdoor-oriented off-road vehicle. The RC51D’s exterior also has robust snapping latches in addition to strategically placed holes to allow users to lock their case with up to four different padlocks. The interior of the case is lined with egg crate style convoluted foam padding that helps keep firearms in place during transportation.

While hard sized rigid cases with interior foam padding provide the best impact and transportation protection for any firearm, these types of cases are prone to trapping humidity over extended periods of times as well. If left unchecked, this can damage the finish of a firearm from rust and pitting. Keeping desiccant packets inside your case and your firearms well-oiled can prevent this type of corrosion damage. Business Laptop Backpack

First Look: MTM Case Gard Double Scoped Rifle Case | An Official Journal Of The NRA

MTM Case Gard RC51D Rifle Case Specifications

The MTM Case Gard RC51D case is made in the USA and is available in black. The retail price for the RC51D case starts at $68. For more information or to see other shooting cases and accessories offered by MTM Case Gard, please visit their website at  

Let’s start with the non-traditional review stuff right now. The new Match Pro ED 5-30x56 mm scope from Bushnell is not earth-shattering.

It has happened against my will and without my permission, but I got old. Parts of me did anyway. I first noticed it in my late 40s when I had trouble reading the headstamp on a cartridge.

Designed from the ground up with concealed carry in mind.

Twenty events across the country, all designed to introduce people to the shooting sports.

A secure and almost infinitely adjustable foundation for you concealed carry gear.

First Look: MTM Case Gard Double Scoped Rifle Case | An Official Journal Of The NRA

Shotgun Case A First Focal Plane optic demands a lot from your eye.