A t-home hair removal devices promise permanent hair removal at home. Before you try them, see what the experts at Milan Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh think about the differences between professional laser hair removal and at-home hair removal devices.

What are the results from at-home devices vs. professional laser hair removal? At-home hair removal devices use a true laser (diode) or intense pulsed light (IPL). The intensity is low, and the treatment areas are small, so it takes a long time to treat and see results. Laser Machine Ipl

On average, there’s about a 70% reduction in unwanted hair after three months of using IPL and diode devices at home. And typically, hair will grow back once you stop using at-home devices, and there’s no guarantee that users will see results.

Professional laser hair removal uses true laser light to target the hair follicle. Light is absorbed by the pigment to heat and destroy the follicle so it can’t grow back. When performed correctly, results from professional laser hair removal are permanent — in seven to 10 treatments, most Milan Laser clients are 95%+ hair-free.

Who can use at-home hair removal devices? Brown skin tones have a greater burn risk with at-home devices, and some devices will shut off if the skin tone isn’t compatible. Professional laser hair removal is the only safe option for all skin tones.

Places like Milan Laser can give you customized treatment plans. Some lasers, such as the Candela GentleMax Pro used at Milan Laser, include two laser technologies to treat all skin tones—the Nd: YAG for deeper skin tones and the Alexandrite for lighter skin tones.

Why Professional Laser Hair Removal is the Best For You The best way to get hair-free for good is with in-clinic laser hair removal. There’s medical oversight, and you’re in the hands of experts. Treatments are done in a judgment-free environment by friendly medical professionals who care about you and your safety. And best of all, you can also find places like Milan Laser that offer affordable payment plans and a lifetime guarantee for your results, so you’ll never worry about touch-up fees down the road.

Ready to ditch unwanted hair for good? Give the experts at Milan Laser a call at 1-833-NO-RAZOR or visit a local laser hair removal expert at any of Milan Laser’s Pittsburgh locations conveniently located in Robinson and Wexford.

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