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Halloween is just the right time to pull out your faux-fur coats and style them as part of your costume. Aside from the outerwear assisting in keeping you warm and providing an extra layer, a fuzzy jacket is also a stylish one-and-done outfit — whether it comes in a modern crop or a glamorous and retro oversize silhouette. Though some of these Halloween costume ideas involve adding extra accessories to make a convincing case for your chosen character or persona, you won't have to collect much more than a jacket for your outfit foundation.

There are plenty of movie characters synonymous with their iconic coat moments, from Melanie Daniels (played by Tippi Hedren) in 1963's "The Birds" to Margot Tenenbaum (Gwyneth Paltrow) in 2001's "The Royal Tenenbaums." And while these women were clad in classic, camel-colored styles, a crisp, white coat could help you achieve a believable Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in the "Sex and the City" movie or Disney character Cruella de Vil when finished with a pair of red gloves and a swipe of lipstick. Real Rabbit Fur Garment

Fur Coat Halloween Costume Ideas | POPSUGAR Fashion

Meanwhile, you could take the pop culture route and go as Rihanna, showcasing her inimitable maternity style in purple fur and a Gucci slip dress; Lady Gaga in a cobalt blue "Cookie Monster" design, styled with sky-high platforms; or Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour in leopard, her chosen print for many years, completed with her signature bob and black sunglasses.

Ahead, get ideas for your best Halloween costume in a fur coat, and shop some pieces to help you get the look.

— Additional reporting by Marina Liao

There's no better way to pay tribute to Gwyneth Paltrow this Halloween than to dress up as her character in "The Royal Tenenbaums." We recommend a long, brown-toned coat that you can style with fuzzy pink gloves, a barrette in your hair, and a leather Birkin bag. (Of course, a classic brown tote will suffice as well.)

RomanticDesign Women's Long Lapel Faux Fur Jacket ($96)

Available in sizes 2-16, this coat is described as ultra comfortable and is classic enough to be worn beyond Halloween. The 240 reviews should convince you enough that it's worth your dime, given how classic and versatile the color is.

Stay warm and look undeniably cool by re-creating Rihanna's maternity style looks. Following Gucci's Milan Fashion Week presentation in February 2022, the mom-to-be wore this fuzzy purple coat over a Gucci minidress, completing the look with a crystal Gucci logo purse, strappy, lace-up heels, and her diamond cross pendant — as you should, too.

foefaik Women's Solid Color Shaggy Faux Fur Coat ($28)

Be sure to drape this purple fur coat off the shoulders like Rihanna did when she stepped out onto the street. You can purchase it in a size bigger to achieve the oversize effect, and style it over a black minidress.

As the original host of "Fashion Police," the late comedic icon Joan Rivers always dressed to impress. She wore luxe coats over her blazers for years, playing up her sophisticated outfits with this unexpected touch. Wear your voluminous jacket off the shoulders or carry it with you so passersby can see the meticulously styled look that's underneath.

Azalea Wang Hooded Faux Fur Coat ($210)

Although this style is a bit pricier, the long length and stitching pattern is something Rivers would have been seen wearing on the red carpet, making it the perfect investment for your Halloween costume.

Though your life may be tamer than Sansa Stark's, your outfit can be just as bold. Style your hair into a side braid and make "Game of Thrones" references all night long.

MSOrient Renaissance Faux Fur Collar Viking Cape ($60)

This cloak makes for the perfect option in channeling a "Game of Thrones" character. It also comes in three other colorways — blue, brown, and red — if you'd like to repurpose it for a different Halloween costume.

To come across as Kardashian, you'll need to slip into her signature pantaleggings, preferably in all-black nylon, and wear a pair of dark, futuristic sunglasses. Add gloves, and finish with an eye-catching coat that looks as though it could have come right off the Balenciaga runway.

HPO Unisex Festival Carnival Thick Tinsel Jacket ($44-$47)

The shimmering effect of the tinsel on this textured coat give it the same flash in the night as Kardashian's metallic mixed-media coat. Wear it again on New Year's Eve to achieve disco ball vibes.

Samantha was known for her many furry statement coats, including the white iteration that gets splashed with red paint outside of New York Fashion Week in the 2008 movie. Re-create the scene, and finish the look with hoop earrings, leather gloves, a metallic clutch, and tall stiletto boots.

Toponsky Winter Warm Lapel Faux Fur Fuzzy Coat ($50)

You can re-create the iconic moment from "Sex and the City" with a little DIY creativity. Just splash this jacket with some red paint and wear it with croc-effect knee-high boots and leather gloves.

Throw it back to the '50s by paying homage to the ladies from "All About Eve." Celeste Holm and Bette Davis cozied up in the thickest, most glamorous of coats, boasting wide collars and cuffs. Swipe on some lipstick, and spend the day with your hair in curlers to prepare for your moment out on the town.

Topshop Faux Fur Longline Coat ($95, originally $158)

This jacket is conveniently marked down this season. The chocolate brown shade and unique texture make it appear inimitably luxe, and would help you pull off any '50s screen style moment you choose.

Lil' Kim was every bit the 2000s fashion icon at an album-release party in New York in 2003. Wear your white, floor-length coat off the shoulders over a bikini top and low-rise embroidered pants, complete with heeled boots and layered diamond nameplate necklaces, to bring Kim's style to life.

F_Gotal Mens Blazer Faux Fur Coat ($46)

It may not be floor length, but to prevent your outfit from dragging on the ground, this oversize coat is the perfect texture and color to pull off a Lil' Kim red carpet moment.

Cruella de Vil is your excuse to dress up and act like a villain. Put on your best fur outerwear, preferably a shaggy, white style with strong shoulders. Throw on a pair of red gloves and carry a stuffed Dalmatian around.

Women's Deluxe Cruella De Vil Coat Costume ($95)

Of course, the easiest way to get Cruella De Vil's look is with a legitimate character costume. The villain's jacket has an interior red lining that accents her gloves and pumps, so this design is considered an essential.

A classic look from one of Alfred Hitchcock's most notable films, you'll want to style your taupe-colored, knee-length coat with a mint-green sheath dress, neutral scarf, and suede gloves. Finish with a brown leather shoulder bag and pumps.

Vintage Unbranded Fox Fur Coat ($159, originally $795)

Looking for unbranded vintage items is never a bad idea when you're trying to save on your Halloween costume. This option from The RealReal is in very good condition, with a pointed collar that reflects Melanie Daniels's smart style.

Lady Gaga has worn her fair share of statement coats in a rainbow's worth of colors. Her platform boots will be the icing on the cake in this scenario. Opt for a vibrant faux-fur coat, pull off a platinum hairstyle, and finish with sunglasses.

Toponsky Women's Winter Warm Lapel Faux Fur Fuzzy Coat ($50, originally $70)

In order to make this electric blue fur coat even more shapely and exaggerated like Gaga's, consider stuffing extra padding in the shoulders to make your look extra boxy and avant-garde.

You've got the leopard-print coat — a favorite of Wintour's through the aughts — now don't forget a copy of Vogue. And try not to smile too much throughout the night.

SweatyRocks Women's Khaki Hooded Dolman Sleeve Faux Fur Cardigan Coat ($74-$76)

If you don't already own a mid-length leopard coat, an Anna Wintour Halloween costume is the perfect excuse to invest in one. The dolman sleeves and relaxed collar are forgiving enough that you can also wear one of Wintour's signature midi dresses underneath. Just make sure you mix prints appropriately.

Cookie owns so many luxurious coats, we've lost count, but this pink one is unforgettable. Add a body-con dress, pearls, and Old Hollywood waves to really do Cookie's look justice.

Remelon Women's Long Sleeve Winter Warm Lapel Fox Faux Fur Coat ($55)

This affordable jacket is the perfect shade of pink to pull off Cookie's look — though of course you'll need a glamorous minidress and equally-as-eye-catching jewelry to coordinate with.

Your friends may not have seen the movie "Carol," but that doesn't mean they won't appreciate your luxe '50s look, which Cate Blanchett pulls off in the film with a salmon-colored hat and matching scarf.

DKNY Shawl Colar Faux Fur Jacket ($249)

The slight A-line flare of this coat makes it feel like a dress and outfit all in one, which is exactly how Carol wears her coat in the 2015 film. The design itself is the perfect neutral shade and definitely has staying power in anyone's wardrobe — so it'll get you far beyond Halloween.

Like Samantha Jones above, Carrie Bradshaw was also known for wearing a fur coat. The media maven would pair a fur coat with a slip dress and standout accessories like her burgundy clutch and her go-to Manolo Blahnik pumps.

H&M Faux Fur Coat ($70)

Fur Coat Halloween Costume Ideas | POPSUGAR Fashion

Bag Factory This pre-owned jacket has the perfect texture and finish to qualify for a spot in Bradshaw's closet. Wear it with a little pink "naked" minidress and a pair of heels, and be sure to add extra volume to your hair if you're channeling Carrie in her early days.