Abrasion Resistant Steel

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We have 2 types of abrasion resistant steels. High-strength abrasion resistant (HSAR) steel is a universal type for engineering equipment used in harsh conditions, and Hadfield manganese steel has a content level of carbon by 1.1-1.4% and manganese by 11-14%, which is an alloy for high-wear resistance applications. Weathered Steel

Abrasion Resistant Steel

Main Characteristics: - Initial hardness up to 600HBW - Tensile strength above 1000MPa, with excellent plasticity and toughness - Delivery in conditions of Normalizing, Quenching & Tempering - Easy cut by laser, plasma, water jet and oxy-acetylene - Specification & Grade: GB/T 24186-2009 NM300, NM360, NM400, NM450, NM500, NM550, NM600 - Dimensions: 6.0mm-50.0mm

Main Characteristics: - Austenitic Type Manganese Plate, Non-Magnetic - Surface will be work-hardened to Max. 550 HBW after continual impact, keeping stable ductile property underneath - Easy cut by laser, plasma, water jet and oxy-acetylene - Specification & Grade: Q/T 046-2009, X120Mn13/ Mn13, equivalent to ASTM A128 B2, ISO 13521, DIN EN 1.3401/X120Mn12, JIS G5131 SCMnH11, etc. -Dimensions: 6.0mm-50.0mm

High-Strength Abrasion Resistant (HSAR) Steel Plate

With excellent properties of hardness and impact toughness, HSAR plate is an ideal material for construction vehicles, engineering equipment, cement industry and the like that requires maximum material lifespan in harsh conditions.

11-14% Hadfield Manganese Steel Plate X120Mn13/Mn13

11-14% Hadfield manganese steel is mainly used in work-hardening parts for shot-blasting machines, stone crushers, etc. It can be also applied to equipment for steel plants, mining industry, safety industry and the like.

Abrasion Resistant Steel

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