11 Best Outdoor Sofas in 2024 for Proper Al Fresco Lounging

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Spring is on the way, so update your outdoor space accordingly. Outdoor Rattan Corner Sofa

11 Best Outdoor Sofas in 2024 for Proper Al Fresco Lounging

Imagine this. You're enjoying that good old outdoor space—sun on your face, fresh air in your lungs, a tasty little spirit in your hand, maybe some tunes playing from those brand new, state of the art outdoor speakers. This... this is the good life. But what's at the center of it all? Think about it. A great place to sit, or somewhere to really lounge. You need somewhere to stretch out. The outdoor sofa is the pinnacle of outdoor furniture. It's where you'll have your al fresco dinners, do your al fresco reading, and take your al fresco naps. As such, this is no small purchase.

You need to think about what it is you want from an outdoor sofa. Do you need somewhere to sit politely? Or do you want something you can lay out and catch some rays on? Do you want something high end? Or, would you prefer something affordable from a one-stop online retailer.

No matter what you're looking for, our home experts have a pick for you. We've tested every home product under the sun, and now we're here to tell you what you should, actually, put out underneath the sun. Here, we've got 11 options that'll fit the variety of needs encompassed by the category of the outdoor sofa. Find what fits your space, buy it now, and write us a thank you note when you're tanning on a Saturday in mid-summer.

There's a serious disconnect with a lot of outdoor furniture. You have to trade off between "Easy to Care For" and "Looks Good." If my Deep South upbringing taught me anything, it's that rattan is the only material that combines both. Rattan—when styled correctly, as CB2 and Ross Cassidy have done here—looks phenomenal, but it's a million times easier to care for than teak wood.

The rounded, dynamic mid-century shape makes this sofa look designer, which you never typically get in rattan. And, because today's rattans are mostly synthetic, they're incredibly water-resistant, sun-resistant, and don't get mildew-y like teak occasionally does.

Made to be packed into a carry case and brought to the campsite, that also makes this Snow Peak outdoor futon a great option for apartment living. Need more space for a party? Pack it up and put it away. Landlord raised your rent? Pack it up and carry it to the next place.

Also helpful is that it’s genuinely comfortable, easy to clean, and quite sturdy in relation to its minuscule 38-pound weight.

Price tags on this list making you sweat? No worries. You can grab a totally capable, and surprisingly comfortable, sectional (with coffee table!) on Amazon. All totaled: You pay under $500. Crazy!

Sure, the build quality won't match others on this list. But it'll blend in with any decor, and that modular sectional makes it incredibly versatile.

What's the best thing about an outdoor sofa? We say, the afternoon nap. This sectional lets you stretch out, while your partner, guest, or whoever, has space to sit and enjoy the day as well.

We especially love the contrast of wood on black upholstery, but the alabaster isn't a bad option, either.

You've got your house setup like a cool Berlin art director you saw on Instagram. There are stacks of design books, tidy bookshelves, a lot of sharp lines. Most outdoor furniture is too homey for you. It fucks up your vision.

This option from Crate & Barrel is the only answer that isn't at an insane price point. Sharp lines, a minimal base, and that so hard to find all-black design. Chic!

But if you want something modern, but... toned down, it also comes in navy, taupe, and a black/white. All of which will fit seamlessly with the rest of your decor.

We love the Country Club Summer look of these striped cushions from CB2. If you've got a lush, green outdoors space, the complementing red will look so, so nice. But if you want something that'll blend in with any space, the white and charcoal options look just as good.

Complete the set with a matching chair or two.

We get that Anthropologie's boho look doesn't appeal to all, but this is a pretty toned down version of it. Plus, the chaise-esque design makes it perfect option for lounging, and it really helps it fit into a small outdoors space. Push that cushioned side into a corner, and you've got a full couch that still keeps your space open.

Or if you have the space, combine this half sofa with its counterpart for a very large seating arrangement. Then complete the look with everything else.

It's kind of crazy that this hasn't been done in any meaningful capacity until now. Upstart brand Outer makes outdoor furniture with a built in cover. The cover rolls up and neatly sits behind the back cushions. Then, it rolls out just as easily to keep your seats protected from the elements. It sounds simple, but it's truly miles better than fooling around with a full cover or tarp.

In love with Scandinavian design? The folks over at HAY make a nice and easy to clean outdoor sofa. The metal design resembles a park bench, but with the matching cushion it ends up being a lot more comfortable. Plus, that metal makes it easy to clean, and guarantees it'll last forever.

If you're a real design lover, this option Studio Tolvanen did for Design Within Reach will satisfy you. A teak base with tapered legs makes it feel vintage. But the big, plush cushions offer you the comfort of a brand new sofa.

If you've got a truly large outdoor space, the circular design of this system from FrontGate is where you should go. This five-piece system gives you plenty of seating, with the luxury of side tables for the middle section.

But the real plus is that circular shape. One, it's eye catching and makes a great center to the space. Two, the shape creates a natural conversation pit. It breaks up a large space in a way that feels natural.

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11 Best Outdoor Sofas in 2024 for Proper Al Fresco Lounging

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