High Quality HPLC & GC Autosampler Vials Chromatography Today

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Competitively priced, high quality, HPLC & GC Autosampler Vials, caps and septa are now available from the UK’s latest Chromatography consumables company, HPLC Direct Ltd. 11mm Crimp Vial Cap

High Quality HPLC & GC Autosampler Vials Chromatography Today

The Autosampler vial range being introduced, is a wide selection of products, covering every laboratory manager and analysts’ requirements, featuring Crimp, Screw, Clear and Amber glass vials, with aluminium/PTFE and rubber septa crimp tops, PP screw top caps with PTFE/silicone septa, either loose or pre-assembled.

Autosampler vials are extensively used in HPLC & GC, and although are widely used consumables, high quality is essential to ensure zero contamination is seen in the final chromatography separation. Perfectly manufactured high quality glassware is used in the manufacture of the vials, allowing users to use of them with the confidence that the results they see, are the absolute best. Samples are of course available upon request.

Utilising new sources of products, as well as those previously known to be producers of high-quality Autosampler Vials, HPLC Direct Ltd have teamed up with the “best of the best”, whilst maintaining very competitive prices, through overhead control and the use of digital marketing, order processing and product fulfilment.

Would you like FREE samples? Request your free samples on our website.

HPLC Direct’s full product list can be found here, or the company can be contacted by email.

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High Quality HPLC & GC Autosampler Vials Chromatography Today

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