All the exits in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and how to use them

Escaping is the focus when playing as a Victim, so this guide for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will clue you into exactly how to make that happen.

Want to know where the exits are in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? While playing as a Victim in TCM, successfully escaping with your life intact is the main goal. It might seem like a tall order, and it absolutely can be, the game has more exits than you might be expecting. api supplier of under reamer

All the exits in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and how to use them

Players who know the horror game’s map and what to look for will have a very good chance of getting away, at least compared to anyone that’s stumbling in the dark. We also have some helpful tips on how to fight against enemies and bleeding out which we highly recommend. Our Texas Chain Saw Massacre guide breaks down the game’s exits and how you’re meant to escape using them or die trying.

You might notice signs pointing towards the valve door as a potential exit during your very first escape from the basement. This exit is being blocked by a pressure valve pump. Actually getting through this, takes a bit of legwork with a better idea of what steps you’ll need to follow. You’ll need to look for a valve attached to an object. If you find it, simply walk up to it and remove it from the object, which will add it to your inventory.

Next, you’ll need to find the big canister to attach the valve to it. Once you do that, simply attach the valve to the canister and turn it until the pressure is thrown out of whack. After this happens, The exit will open for a set amount of time, but a Family member can repair the canister next to the exit if they notice it before you get there, forcing you to turn the valve again.

This gate sticks out a fair bit as the area is electrified. If you touch it too soon, you’ll find yourself fried by the electricity. There’s a cable leading away from this exit, so simply follow it until you find a car. The cable is attached to the car battery, so interact with it until the prompt vanishes and the exit will cease to be electrified. Of course, it’s also locked, so you need to have an unlock tool to get this door open. Once that’s done, you’ll be home free.

The Road Exit is a locked gate with a big, green light next to it. Follow the cable and you’ll find a generator powering it. Just like with the car battery, interact with the generator and your character should start to kick. Fancy. Once the generator has been kicked enough, the power to the gate will shut off. Once more, you’ll need an unlock tool to get the gate open before you can make your escape.

The Fusebox Exit is comparable to the Pressure Valve Exit in that it requires you to find a specific item and use it to open a door in another location. The difference is that this exit is in the basement instead of being topside. You can spot the door by looking for a regular basement escape, albeit with a light to the side of it. Getting through this door requires you to find two separate objects: the fuse and the fusebox.

You can spot the fuse attached to electronic equipment, simply remove the fuse and then head to the fusebox. Don’t forget to grab an unlock tool, otherwise, you won’t actually be able to get the fuse in it. Unlike the other exits, this one has an extra step. To get the door open, you need to repair the fusebox by moving fuse pairs into the correct spot. You’ll see two rows of pairs on the right side with a white number underneath. Place the corresponding pairs on the left to add up to this number and the numbers will turn green.

Once that happens, the fusebox will be repaired and you need to head to the escape door in the basement. The exit door will shut automatically if you don’t make it back in time, so don’t delay. If it closes, you’ll need to return to the fusebox to open the exit again.

That’s all you need to know to get the exits open and escape in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. If you haven’t had a chance to read it already, we highly recommend checking out our Texas Chain Saw Massacre review a read to see our verdict on the game. We also have a crossplay guide if you’re wondering which platforms you and your friends can play on.

All the exits in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and how to use them

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