Albuquerque adding LED lights to a number of city parks

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Albuquerque adding LED lights to a number of city parks

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Some much brighter lights will soon be shining at Albuquerque skate parks and other outdoor courts. The city says the investment should save them tens of thousands of dollars each year. “I’m really excited for this,” said skater Cody Hall.  

That excitement comes from people in Albuquerque skate parks. As the city works to put up these new LED lights all over town. 

Alamosa skate park near Coors and Bridge is the first of five skate parks to get the upgrade. “This new upgrade, we are getting 45-to-50-foot candles, so we are triple having more lights more lumen outputs,” said Saif Ismail, energy and sustainability manager at the Department of Municipal Development. 

It’s not just brighter light. It’s also saving the city money roughly $20,000 a year with a goal of the lights lasting around ten years. The city says the $150,000 cost is mostly covered through grant funding. “More lights, better lights, more efficient, more saving for taxpayer money,” said Ismail. 

Skaters News 13 heard from appreciate the change. “The lights are pretty dated at this point,” said skater Brennon Nevels. “I stopped skating here at night because the lights were damaged,” said Hall. “I’m really excited for this I think it’s going to be a really good benefit for the city,” said Hall.  

The city said it will also be able to control the lights remotely and they shine bright immediately. Unlike old sodium-vapor bulbs that need time to warm up. “What we see if we have lights, they give people confidence. Not only in being able to come out to the park, visit the park, come and see the kids play, kids themselves feel more confident with the lights here,” said David Flores, Deputy Director of the Parks and Recreation Department.  

By June the city says it will install the same LED light at several tennis courts including Alamosa Park and others. “It would be a lot safer. We will be able to take walks in the night and not worry about stuff,” said resident Joice Whitten. 

North Domingo Baca’s skate park near La Cueva and the Jerry Cline tennis courts in uptown are also getting those lighting upgrades. 

Skate parks that will get LED lights are listed below 

Albuquerque adding LED lights to a number of city parks

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